The emotional well-being of our girls is a vital component of the School’s culture. We recognise that emotional well-being is the foundation upon which academic success is built, so we provide opportunities and learning experiences for the girls to develop skills which are essential for their well-being.

St Mary’s Junior School aims to provide our girls with skills, values, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to live as active participants who contribute positively to their communities.

In the Junior School, we are continually learning and implementing new elements of well-being, using knowledge from experts in the field of emotional well-being, to develop a greater awareness of positive emotional health for girls.

A growth mindset gives students the ability to tackle new and challenging skills, which promotes open-mindedness and forward thinking in all learning situations. Carol Dweck’s work regarding mindsets has been helpful in informing the development of our programme.

As part of Values in Action: Character Strengths, the character strengths are explored through literature, discussion and appropriate activities for each year level, and promote knowledge and awareness in the girls, of themselves and others.

Protective Behaviours is taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 each year. We also offer Parent Information Sessions biennially and regularly deliver professional learning to our staff. Download our Protective Behaviours Overview.