St Mary's boarders shine academically

St Mary’s boarders shine academically

POSTED March 1 2023 , News

Did you know that St Mary’s employs a Boarding Academic Support Coordinator to help our boarding students with their academic endeavours?

Our Academic Support Coordinator is available to support our boarders every evening. She also manages the boarding house’s tutoring programs and organises study skills sessions for the girls.

Tutors are available during prep time and can also be booked for private tuition. St Mary’s has more than 20 tutors available to support our boarders. 

St Mary’s investment in supporting the academic endeavours of our boarders was reflected in the strong performance of our boarders in the 2022 WACE exams.

More than 50 per cent of our 2022 boarders who achieved an ATAR earned a ranking of 95 or higher, and more than 60 per cent of our boarders who achieved an ATAR earned a ranking of 90 or higher.